Redcliffe Hospital, QLD

Date of Commencement
March 2007
Date of Completion
September 2008
Value of Project
Project Architect
Daryl Jackson Pty Ltd
FK Gardner
Project Manager
Victor Smith, FK Gardner
Drew Ussher, Partitions Foreman, FK Gardner
QLD Department of Health

redcliffe-hospitalCentral to the redevelopment and refurbishment of Redcliffe Hospital was creating a sensitive and stimulating environment which would facilitate the increasing number of patients to the medical center. The project consisted of the addition of a new two story emergency services theatre and the renovation of outpatient and administration areas in the main building. In addition to other Lafarge technical boards selected for construction on this project, Lafarge AcoustiShield and Lafarge GIB ToughLine® played a significant role in achieving design and functional requirements.

The use of Lafarge AcoustiShield “takes away that plain hospital sterile look and gives it a good feature ceiling,” according to Drew Ussher, Partitions Foreman. Nearly 200m² of AcoustiShield was specified to control noise and reverberation in the remodeled administration areas and in nurses’ stations of the new emergency services theatre.

Drew found AcoustiShield easy to work with and also cost effective. “Normally with perforated ceiling panels we have to wrap insulation with black scrim so that the insulation particles don’t fall through the perforations. With AcoustiShield, we just put our insulation up there and set it on the board directly. We don’t have to worry about the fibres falling through because of the tissue netting on the back of the sheet. Saves us time and money.”

Installation was also simple because the sheets are well-sized (2.4m long) and strong, making it easy to handle and fix. Drew states that “it’s easy to line up the perforations and to install. I can run the drill holes perfectly in line. I look at that in the end and I’m quite proud of the boys.”

For the first time Drew worked with Lafarge GIB ToughLine®, an impact resistant plasterboard. Over 2000m² of Lafarge GIB ToughLine® was used in selected areas requiring exceptional durability and privacy such as corridors, high traffic areas, and walls behind bedheads.

Drew was impressed with the quality and durability of ToughLine, stating that “it definitely serves its purpose, even while construction is still happening.” Installation was quick and hassle free. “There is less patching, you don’t have to get power tools out to cut it, and you can screw it off normally. It’s much more time effective and efficient.”

In addition to AcoustiShield and ToughLine, Lafarge has provided nearly 9000m² of board along with an assortment of Lafarge bedding cements and finishing compounds to complete the renovation of Redcliffe Hospital. While tendering and throughout the duration of the project, Drew appreciated the level of involvement from his local PlastaMasta. “And the reliable service from Steve [General Manager, PlastaMasta Northside]. To me, that’s a big bonus.”