Thomas Hassall Anglican College, NSW

Value of Project $2.2m
Project Architect Frank Paterson, Stanton Dahl Architects
Builder Glyn Hubbard, J.M. Coyle & Co. P/L
Installation Ian Ashford Wykes

R002-008.JPGFive years ago Thomas Hassall Anglican College was little more than a signpost with a small enrolment of students. Today it is a prestigious private education institution whose enrolment rate has quickly outpaced capacity.

As the school grew, so did the need for the development of a woodworking, metal craft and technical studies wing. A two- storey block housing six specialist and two standard classrooms was completed in January 2005.

According to architect Frank Paterson of Stanton Dahl Architects, the design needed to be contemporary to fit well with the existing buildings. It also needed to be built with materials that would be tough enough to withstand the normal wear and tear of a school environment with the additional resilience required for demanding technical studies activities. “This is a specialist kind of school environment with lots of high impact zones, such as in the woodworking and machinery based classrooms.

Frank agreed to use Lafarge products over other lining materials for this project through close consultation with the builder, Glyn Hubbard of J.M. Coyle & Co. According to Frank, “The builder had doubts and insecurities about using other materials like fibre cement.”

The lining material they would choose needed to be suitable for high impact zones with a high level of robustness. “From the tests we were shown, it just seemed Lafarge products would give us a better, stronger finish than the fibre cement, and be better in the long run which all counts for the client really.”